Star Granter of Wishes

gijinka jirachi upload

Here is some fan art of the Pokemon Jirachi as a human (gijinka)! Since Jirachi are based of a mix of Jinn (also known as genies) and wishing stars, I tried to base its human form on that and used its ribbons on its head as decoration. Jirachi is tied with Ho-oh as one of my favorite legendary Pokemon!


Piranha Plant Queen

piranha plant lady

To celebrate the addition of Piranha Plant to Super Smash Bros Ultimate (belated on my part), I wanted to draw my own interpretation of a gijinka (humanization) Piranha Plant! This design was inspired by a combination of Medusa (vine-y hair), belly dancers (clothes) and the Cloud of Darkness (Final Fantasy 3 antagonist). My favorite detail of this piece is of her garment forming the shape of a piranha plant face! Another small fun detail I added was the background colours are based of the Underground level palette from Super Mario Bros!
This is available to buy as a A4 print on etsy!:

Simple Therion Portrait

Here’s a sketch and a simple coloured illustration of my favorite character Therion from Octopath Traveller! This was drawn last month when I spent the month trying to refine my skills. I didn’t realise until I finished the piece that Therion’s eyes are green and not blue, whoops!


online submish keytsune

Finally got round to posting again due to this tiring month! I have created a Key-tsune! A pun on keys and the mythical fox creatures kitsune! This is a kitsune that has keys for tails. This trickster loves collecting keys and trinkets and keeping them on its loops. Rumor has that if you hear the sound of keys jingling in the middle of the night, a key-tsune may be close by. Keep an eye on your keys!

Available to buy on stuff on Redbubble!:

Eevee Kitsune

eevee kitsune online submish

Is anyone excited for the latest Pokemon game coming out this weekend? I sure am! Even though I made this design a while ago, it seems like a perfect time to post it now. I have drawn Eevee of all its tails of its evolutions, resembling a kitsune! I have also including it as a shiny!

These are available as stickers on my etsy (as a set of 2)! If I can figure out how to make holographic stickers, I would make shiny sparkly Eevee stickers.

RWBY Yukatas

rwby yukata submisshpngI have created fan-art of the main cast of RWBY wearing yukata! This idea was Jojo’s! I wanted to make the yukata made from different textures. I’m honestly not too happy with how Blake’s yukata looks but I really couldn’t think of a better way to illustrate it. Oh well!

Momiji the Moth Princess

mothette submish

I have created a character based of a princess and a lamp-loving moth! If I had to give her a name, I would call her Momiji, or Momo for short! Momiji is a Rosey Maple moth and the name Momiji is related to maple trees!

*May or may not have been inspired by the Bowsette and Moth memes…

Available to buy on mugs, shirts and stuff on Redbubble!: