Yokai Kokeshi Dolls

yokai dolls uploadThis week’s illustration is of an idea I previously mentioned in a post: Yokai Kokeshi Dolls! Incase you didn’t know, Yokai are Japanese folklore spirits, monsters and demons. Some are known for being tricksters, like the kitsune (fox) being able to shapeshift into a human! The characters (from left to right) are a Kitsune (a fox that can have up to 9 tails depending on their age), a Kappa (water dwelling monster that likes to eat cucumbers), a Tanuki (can also shapeshift) and a Nekomata (a cat known for having two tails).


Goofy Alolan Starters

pokemon badges uploadThis week’s illustration is a silly idea I got when I was heading home from Rome. I imagined illustrating the starters of Pokemon Sun and Moon with silly expressions. The characters (from left to right) include a disgruntled looking Decidueye, a tail nomming Incineroar and a disgraceful Primarina! This design is available to purchase on my etsy: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/572384853/3-goofy-alolan-pokemon-starters (I will also be selling these at the next convention sometime in the future!)

Inktober Day 11: Bravely Default 5th Birthday!


inktober day 11 resizeToday’s illustration is a special one, celebrating a favorite and special video game close to my heart: Bravely Default! I drew one of the protagonist’s holding a cake to celebrate! I think this may be my last contribution to Inktober since I am running out of ideas. The main reason is having no time to focus on my main work and stressing all day about coming up with drawing ideas for Inktober.

Inktober Day 7: Bahamut-like creature

inktober day 7 resize

Today’s Inktober drawing is of a creature I sketched years ago with the head of an elephant (the trunk has octopus suction cups), the body of a seahorse and the wings of a bat! I learnt recently that the monster I created closely resembles a bahamut, a creature that has the head of an elephant (or hippo) and the body of a fish.