Gaius Bubble Gum B*!?@

This idea came to be from listening to this mashup of a Marina song with My Chemical Romance (link The results ended up being this weird punky aesthetic that has similar vibes to one of my previous illustrations of Charlotte from Fates :p

Ghost trick painting

I created a painting based of the final scene in the game! I used packaging paper on a canvas to give the painting a more interesting look and pearlescent paint for the sky. Unfortunately, I screwed up on painting the beam that the cat sits on so I improvised and drew a pillar instead! 

Maneki Nyango

Made some fanart of Nyango Star in the similar fashion of a maneki neko (aka beckoning cat or lucky cat)! Nyango Star is well known for his crazy drumming skills and is the yuru-chara (mascot) of the Aomori prefecture. He is a combination of an apple and a cat and his name is a combination of Nyan (onomatopoeia for meow 🐱), ringo (🍎) and the famous musician Ringo Starr! I’d defintely give this video a watch if you want to learn more about this lovely lil’ cat fren! :3c

Omori/Paprika fanart

This piece was a doozy! After months of working on and off with this drawing, I finally finished this mixed media piece of Omori from…Omori! The inspiration behind this piece is from one of my all time favorite movies: Paprika! Both Omori and Paprika have dream-like themes with some psychological horror elements sprinkled in and I thought it be a neat idea to mesh the two ideas together! The illustration style is inspired by promo art of the Paprika movie with my own little spin. Here is a link to the original promo art:

The reason this piece took so long was I drew each character within Omori individually instead of planning out the drawing in advance by determining what character goes where. I also kept changing my mind how I was going to execute this idea. It was initially going to be every character has a texture but I then decided it would make the illustration have too much going on and cluttered. I then decided to re-draw the characters on SAI instead of Ilustrator since it would be too time consuming. I decided to stick to only using iconic boss characters and a few monsters in this illustration that you can encounter in any of the routes within the game. If I were to re-create this piece, I would draw every single character within Headspace. I also chose to not include the 3 main characters Hero, Kel and Audrey since I just want to focus on the enemies/bosses within headspace.

Rosey Gal

Here’s another original moth piece I made! This is a rosey maple moth named Momiji, or Momo for short! I had a lot of fun playing around with textures with this piece. The shorts Momo is wearing is actual old jeans I scanned into my scanner years ago. I then applied a filter to them and clipped it into the shorts drawing layer. The wings were made with layer wet on wet watercolours but ensuring one colour was dry before applying the other part. The jumper was a last minute decision and its of a photo of my plush flamingo: Forrest! I’m pleased with the results of the log, I used watercolour crayons to get that rough-like texture! 

Dragonite Maid

I was inspired by the anime Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid to draw dragon Pokemon as different types of maids! Dragonite is based of a diner-style server and I have had the idea of drawing Salamence as a air hostess!
I had a lot of fun adding little details to this piece such as the shoes representing Dratini and the pearls and frilly gloves resembling Dragonair’s features.

Shadow Wings in the Sky

I have finally finished my little(?) pet project and it’s been a doozy.
TLDR for ahead; This is a mixed media piece of Kalas from the video game series Baten Kaitos that I have created in Affinity Photo with mixed media.

I want to try and be more wordy from now on when making a post for my work. To give you all an idea of what goes on in my head while making this and/or what made me think of creating a piece.While slowly chipping away at this illustration, I managed to finish playing Baten Kaitos on the Gamecube and adored it It may become my favorite Gamecube game of all time, even beating Super Smash Bros Melee! And that’s saying a lot because Melee has been a large part of my life, introducing me into different game franchises that still impact me including Fire Emblem and Earthbound. I just want to show my appreciation for this underappreciated franchise with some fanart of my favorite grumpy birb son: Kalas!

I shall now talk more about the piece itself! Starting off with the background. The background is based of a certain area in the game where it has a gorgeous pink/blue sky where you’re walking on clouds (since the game is set in the sky). The cloudy sky is made up from chalk pastels on pink textured paper. The swirly clouds were made with acrylic paints, blended together and forming lil’ circles!

Kalas himself is using a special attack in this piece also, named Shadow wings! His actual wings are made from acrylic paints, along with his hair, leather armour, dagger and sword. His cape is made from tea-stained crumpled paper with a pattern drawn with wax crayon. His glovey things are inks mixed together to get that funky pattern! I played around with blurring certain parts of the image to give the image more movement and also to capture to whispiness of the clouds c: