RWBY Block Design

RWBY DesignThis is an illustration of the RWBY cast in a simplistic block style! I will be selling bookmark designs of this at upcoming conventions and on my etsy!
This design is also available on my redbubble!


Chibi Deku

chibi deku online submissionSorry for late post, I had some computer problems last week so I couldn’t submit my new illustration! I have illustrated Deku from the manga series My Hero Academia! I tried to go for a graphic novel style where the shading is represented with dots. It came out differently that I expected but I am still satisfied with the results!

My Art Summary of 2017

2017_summary_of_art_blank_by_dustbunnythumper-dbvoh32 copy

Hello there! I have decided to do a compilation of my best work in 2017! One thing I hope to accomplish in 2018 is to experiment more with drawing styles. I still feel like I’m finding my voice with my work but I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress this year! In order to do this, I may have to cut down on regular posts every week (well, more like every fortnight)! I want to focus on quality over quantity since there have been times I’ve felt like I had to force myself to make something and as a result, not being satisfied with the final outcome. So posts will be more organic rather than my previous failed attempts of having already lined up, ready to be posted the following week.
Thank you all for sticking with me in 2017 and here’s hoping 2018 will be an even greater year!

Mixed Media Kitsune Canvas


I had a lot of fun making this! This is a piece inspired by the mythical creature, the Kitsune. In many folklore, Kitsune are known to disguise as a pretty lady to try to either trick others or to repay a favour to someone by being a loyal companion to list some examples.

The piece I made used washi tape, stickers, gold paint, watercolours, tea stained paper and random pieces of patterned paper. I’m pretty happy with the results. I may someday do a digital version of this piece…

Yokai Kokeshi Dolls

yokai dolls uploadThis week’s illustration is of an idea I previously mentioned in a post: Yokai Kokeshi Dolls! Incase you didn’t know, Yokai are Japanese folklore spirits, monsters and demons. Some are known for being tricksters, like the kitsune (fox) being able to shapeshift into a human! The characters (from left to right) are a Kitsune (a fox that can have up to 9 tails depending on their age), a Kappa (water dwelling monster that likes to eat cucumbers), a Tanuki (can also shapeshift) and a Nekomata (a cat known for having two tails).

Goofy Alolan Starters

pokemon badges uploadThis week’s illustration is a silly idea I got when I was heading home from Rome. I imagined illustrating the starters of Pokemon Sun and Moon with silly expressions. The characters (from left to right) include a disgruntled looking Decidueye, a tail nomming Incineroar and a disgraceful Primarina! This design is available to purchase on my etsy: (I will also be selling these at the next convention sometime in the future!)