Inktober Day 9: Sea Bunnies

inktober day 9 resizeToday’s illustration for Inktober is a bunch of Jorunna parva (sea slugs that look like lil bunnies)! Another quick drawing today since I have had a busy day, sorry!


Inktober Day 7: Bahamut-like creature

inktober day 7 resize

Today’s Inktober drawing is of a creature I sketched years ago with the head of an elephant (the trunk has octopus suction cups), the body of a seahorse and the wings of a bat! I learnt recently that the monster I created closely resembles a bahamut, a creature that has the head of an elephant (or hippo) and the body of a fish.

Inktober Day 4: Yokai Kokeshi Dolls

inktober day 4 upload

Today’s Inktober illustration is just something simple since I didn’t have much time to draw today! I drew a kitsune character and a nekomata character in the style of kokeshi dolls. Its fun to use the brush pen! I may consider expanding on this idea someday by making a whole line up of yokai dolls!

Inktober Day 2: Heely Friends

inktober day 2 upload

This is Day 2’s drawing of Inktober! I have drawn the Pokemon Incineroar and Hawlucha causing mischief. Both Pokemon are based of heels which are antagonistic wrestlers (well Hawlucha’s shiny colours are at least)!

Inktober Day 1: Costume Swap

inktober day 1 uploadThis is a drawing I made for Inktober! Inktober is a challenge where you draw something in ink (or ink pen) on a daily basis in October. I have decided to take this challenge to gain some practise drawing in traditional media, since its a media I feel I’m lacking in. Today, I have drawn the protagonist and Morgana from Persona 5 with their costumes swapped. Just thought this was a cute idea and to get to grips with only shading with black pen.

Persona Fiction

p5 pulp fiction uploadThis week’s piece is of the 2 main characters from the video game Persona 5 in the style of Banky’s Pulp Fiction parody! I painted this on a canvas that was roughly A3 sized and added the colour red in the piece since it is a dominant colour in the Persona 5 video game!