Inktober Day 2: Heely Friends

inktober day 2 upload

This is Day 2’s drawing of Inktober! I have drawn the Pokemon Incineroar and Hawlucha causing mischief. Both Pokemon are based of heels which are antagonistic wrestlers (well Hawlucha’s shiny colours are at least)!


Inktober Day 1: Costume Swap

inktober day 1 uploadThis is a drawing I made for Inktober! Inktober is a challenge where you draw something in ink (or ink pen) on a daily basis in October. I have decided to take this challenge to gain some practise drawing in traditional media, since its a media I feel I’m lacking in. Today, I have drawn the protagonist and Morgana from Persona 5 with their costumes swapped. Just thought this was a cute idea and to get to grips with only shading with black pen.

Persona Fiction

p5 pulp fiction uploadThis week’s piece is of the 2 main characters from the video game Persona 5 in the style of Banky’s Pulp Fiction parody! I painted this on a canvas that was roughly A3 sized and added the colour red in the piece since it is a dominant colour in the Persona 5 video game!

Lil’ Shining Bird

This is a canvas piece of Pokemon Gold’s mascot, Ho-oh (shiny form)! I made this to celebrate Pokemon Gold and Silver coming to the 3DS virtual console, that will be available next week! I really enjoyed making this collage from bits of painted card, it gives the whole image an interesting texture!


shiny ho-oh canvas upload

Cream Custards

cream custards uploadThis week’s illustration is of the two characters Toadal Dude (on the left) and Arachnus (right) from the Yokai Watch series! This idea is based of the whole custard doughnut vs cream doughnuts the two characters fight over in-game and their minds being blown by a custard cream that kinda combines the two(?). I also forgot how fun it was to draw Yokai characters!

Onyx the Deaths Head Moth

onyx the moth upload

This is another moth character I created based of the Death’s Head Hawk Moth. Her design was kinda inspired by Sanrio character Kuromi, who looks punky but adorable. I was thinking of calling her after the gem stone Onyx since they both are dark colours and have band-like patterns. It also sounds like a punk-ish name, no?

Chibi Prince Marth

I have drawn everyone’s favorite Disney princess, Marth! (In all seriousness, he is from the Fire Emblem video game series). I wanted to develop a style more and I found what better way than to draw one of my favorite lords. This also started off as a drawing I made in Sunnycon when I had nothing to do.

marth resized


Pokemon names as Brands: Delibird

This week’s design is another “What if Pokemon names were brands?”, this time based on the Pokemon Delibird! I wanted to create something that can be imagined on the side of a delivery van. The colours used in this design are also the dominant colours of the Pokemon Delibird. This design originally was going to be minimalist and using shapes to outline Delibird rather than just a silhouette. I wasn’t happy with where the design was going so I started from scratch and was much pleased with the final results!
This design is available to purchase on Redbubble!

delibird logo resize

My Hero

The illustration is of Ringabel from Bravely Default performing the song “My Hero” that gives his buddies an extra turn in battle. This idea started off as a sketch based of body-kun, a mannequin figure that allows for more poses than a regular wooden one. I thought it would make for a neat pose for the performer class in Bravely Default, so I drew my favorite character doing just that!

rinagbel performer resize

Willow the Moth Character Sheet

This started from a sketch I liked of Willow and was just going to be her looking happy. I then decided to play around with some expressions and ended up making a character sheet of the character. I also changed her design by making her eyes bigger, her body smaller and just looking more cuter! Her cheeks puff up when she’s angry and her antenna go straight also when shes shocked or surprised.

willow character sheet upload