About and commission details

Hello there! I am Rebecca (call me Becca if you prefer!) and welcome to my website! I have been drawing ever since I was 6 and went into studying graphic design for 4 years during my college years. I recently learnt that I have a knack for digital illustration and that has been the main focus of my work for a couple of years now. My main inspirations for my work have been video games, animated movies, animals and Japanese culture including anime and manga.

If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a message and details of what you may want. Terms and conditions are available at the bottom of this page.

Here is a rough estimate of prices I offer:

Simplistic Style: Starting from £12 (+£8 per additional character)

Single character (no background or a simple background): Starting from £22

chibi deku online submissionniles chibi uploadmorganaupload

Single character (background) or numerous characters (with no or simple background) : Starting from £28

voleur de coeur resizeedea olivia dance resized


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Please do not use my work commercially. You are free to use my work for your own personal use (such as printing it off and putting it on your wall, making a sticker for yourself) but not for profit. Also please credit me if you post my work online.
  2. You must pay me half the money upfront before I start the commission. Within a few days, I will send you a draft of your piece. If it gets your approval, I will then require the rest of the payment to finish the piece.
  3. It will take me 1-4 weeks to complete your commission, depending on workload.
  4. Sorry I won’t draw: Porn, fetish, gore or mechanical things.
  5. Please specify what you want me to draw (what series is the character from or if its your own character or a real life person) and provide references if needed
  6. I am also willing to create logos, book covers, posters and shirt designs! Please check out my portfolio for examples! I may charge more if my design is intended for commercial use.

Thank you!