Inktober Day 2: High Paws

inktober day 3 resizeThis is Day 3’s illustration of Inktober! This was drawn in brush pen. It takes a lot of practice and steady hand to get the lines right! This is a drawing of Jibanyan from Yo-kai Watch and Meowth from Pokemon by the way!


Cream Custards

cream custards uploadThis week’s illustration is of the two characters Toadal Dude (on the left) and Arachnus (right) from the Yokai Watch series! This idea is based of the whole custard doughnut vs cream doughnuts the two characters fight over in-game and their minds being blown by a custard cream that kinda combines the two(?). I also forgot how fun it was to draw Yokai characters!

Jibanyan Atsume

This week’s design is numerous types of Jibanyan (from the video game series Yo-kai Watch) in style of Neko Atsume (mobile game). This was originally going to be a whole picture where it has numerous types of Jibanyan on a scene. The idea was scrapped for a while and I came back to it recently and decided to make a pattern of just the faces.

This design is available for purchase on Redbubble!


jibanyan atsume pattern print version 2