Inktober Day 11: Bravely Default 5th Birthday!


inktober day 11 resizeToday’s illustration is a special one, celebrating a favorite and special video game close to my heart: Bravely Default! I drew one of the protagonist’s holding a cake to celebrate! I think this may be my last contribution to Inktober since I am running out of ideas. The main reason is having no time to focus on my main work and stressing all day about coming up with drawing ideas for Inktober.


My Hero

The illustration is of Ringabel from Bravely Default performing the song “My Hero” that gives his buddies an extra turn in battle. This idea started off as a sketch based of body-kun, a mannequin figure that allows for more poses than a regular wooden one. I thought it would make for a neat pose for the performer class in Bravely Default, so I drew my favorite character doing just that!

rinagbel performer resize