Goofy Alolan Starters

pokemon badges uploadThis week’s illustration is a silly idea I got when I was heading home from Rome. I imagined illustrating the starters of Pokemon Sun and Moon with silly expressions. The characters (from left to right) include a disgruntled looking Decidueye, a tail nomming Incineroar and a disgraceful Primarina! This design is available to purchase on my etsy: (I will also be selling these at the next convention sometime in the future!)


Inktober Day 2: High Paws

inktober day 3 resizeThis is Day 3’s illustration of Inktober! This was drawn in brush pen. It takes a lot of practice and steady hand to get the lines right! This is a drawing of Jibanyan from Yo-kai Watch and Meowth from Pokemon by the way!

Inktober Day 2: Heely Friends

inktober day 2 upload

This is Day 2’s drawing of Inktober! I have drawn the Pokemon Incineroar and Hawlucha causing mischief. Both Pokemon are based of heels which are antagonistic wrestlers (well Hawlucha’s shiny colours are at least)!

Pokemon names as Brands: Delibird

This week’s design is another “What if Pokemon names were brands?”, this time based on the Pokemon Delibird! I wanted to create something that can be imagined on the side of a delivery van. The colours used in this design are also the dominant colours of the Pokemon Delibird. This design originally was going to be minimalist and using shapes to outline Delibird rather than just a silhouette. I wasn’t happy with where the design was going so I started from scratch and was much pleased with the final results!
This design is available to purchase on Redbubble!

delibird logo resize

Chibi Lurantis

This is a digital illustration of one of my favorite Pokemon from the newest Pokemon game, Lurantis! Its a play on the orchid mantis where its a plant that looks like a bug, rather than a mantis that looks like some flowers. I also made a shiny form!

lurantis watermarkshiny lurantis watermark

Pokemon as Brand Names: Diancie

This is another part of “What if Pokemon names were brands?”. This time is the Pokemon Diancie, who I think sounds like it could be a Jewelers. The original Pokemon design looks like a princess so I ran with the idea and also made her look a bit more human to fit the imagery better.

Available to purchase as a design on Redbubble!-


diancie logo watermark

Trading Memories

This design was originally a contest piece for a UNIQLO/Nintendo crossover where the winning design had their design available as a t-shirt. The theme was to create a original design involving characters from Nintendo. I chose Pokemon due to being a large part of my childhood and having a link cable on connecting to both sides of the shirt would be a neat idea. I used Pikachu and the three starters Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle since they are the most recognisable Pokemon. The lineart was all made in Illustrator and the glow effect was created in Photoshop.

trading memories resized