Garden Tiger Moth Lady

tiger moth reiszeI did an illustration of a lady with fashion inspired by the Garden Tiger Moth! I really like the coat/poncho thing she wears that makes it look like she has wings.


Onyx the Deaths Head Moth

onyx the moth upload

This is another moth character I created based of the Death’s Head Hawk Moth. Her design was kinda inspired by Sanrio character Kuromi, who looks punky but adorable. I was thinking of calling her after the gem stone Onyx since they both are dark colours and have band-like patterns. It also sounds like a punk-ish name, no?

Willow the Moth Character Sheet

This started from a sketch I liked of Willow and was just going to be her looking happy. I then decided to play around with some expressions and ended up making a character sheet of the character. I also changed her design by making her eyes bigger, her body smaller and just looking more cuter! Her cheeks puff up when she’s angry and her antenna go straight also when shes shocked or surprised.

willow character sheet upload

The Socially Awkward Moth

This is a character I made for a children’s book I wrote for my BA Honours course. She originally was going to be illustrated as a ordinary moth, but she went through a design change after I finished my course. I made her look more human-ish but still retain her moth-y features.

This was a lot of fun to make! This was created through the use of Paint Tool SAI, Illustrator and finally Photoshop to touch stuff up and add the crayon texture for her wings. The pattern on her coat was drawn from scratch on SAI, using a brush that resembles a crayon brush.

This design is available on Redbubble! :

moof resized copy

Digital Illustration of a Christmas Moth

This week is something completely original, where I created a Christmas themed moth! Not much I can say about it but its colouring is kind of based of the Cecropia moth (ref here:…/900-148044966-male-cecropia-moth.… ). Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays!