Digital Kitsune Collage

kitsune canvas upload

This a digital replica (with some traditional media collage) of a canvas piece I made a few months ago! Here is the original if you’re curious!


Mixed Media Kitsune Canvas


I had a lot of fun making this! This is a piece inspired by the mythical creature, the Kitsune. In many folklore, Kitsune are known to disguise as a pretty lady to try to either trick others or to repay a favour to someone by being a loyal companion to list some examples.

The piece I made used washi tape, stickers, gold paint, watercolours, tea stained paper and random pieces of patterned paper. I’m pretty happy with the results. I may someday do a digital version of this piece…

Yokai Kokeshi Dolls

yokai dolls uploadThis week’s illustration is of an idea I previously mentioned in a post: Yokai Kokeshi Dolls! Incase you didn’t know, Yokai are Japanese folklore spirits, monsters and demons. Some are known for being tricksters, like the kitsune (fox) being able to shapeshift into a human! The characters (from left to right) are a Kitsune (a fox that can have up to 9 tails depending on their age), a Kappa (water dwelling monster that likes to eat cucumbers), a Tanuki (can also shapeshift) and a Nekomata (a cat known for having two tails).

Inktober Day 4: Yokai Kokeshi Dolls

inktober day 4 upload

Today’s Inktober illustration is just something simple since I didn’t have much time to draw today! I drew a kitsune character and a nekomata character in the style of kokeshi dolls. Its fun to use the brush pen! I may consider expanding on this idea someday by making a whole line up of yokai dolls!

Japanese Masks pattern

This is a sample of a pattern I made themed on Japanese masks. The fox-like mask is known as the Kitsune, the red horned mask is an Oni (Japanese ogre or demon), the lady like one is known as Noh, the one with the silly expression is known as Hyottoko and the red long nosed one is called the Tengu.

This design is available on Redbubble!

mask patern upload


This is Kit-kun, a character I designed based of a Japanese mythical creature called a Kitsune (a fox that can have up to 9 tails). This was originally going to be a soft toy idea but I feel I have the insufficient skills to make it, so I made it a digital illustration instead! The textures I re-created digitally were originally going to be the different tails the fox was going to have for the plush (except the blue checkered pattern which was just going to be denim).
kitkun watermark