Edea Red Mage Dance

edea dance high quality resizeToday’s piece is of Edea from Bravely Default as a Red Mage (I swear this wasn’t made to also celebrate BD’s 5th birthday, I made this not knowing!) Not hugely happy how this came out due to the drawing looking more lively than the final piece but I still had fun making this!


Dancers Dance

This idea came about of simply just what if Edea (from Bravely Default) and Olivia (Fire Emblem Awakening) swapped costumes (the spellfencer job class in Bravely Default and the Dancer class in Fire Emblem Awakening to be exact)! I’m pretty pleased with how this came out! I was struggling to come up with how to illustrate the eyes but I played around with shapes in Illustrator until I got something I really liked. This is also the first piece I made making my own colour palette.

edea olivia dance resized