Digital Kitsune Collage

kitsune canvas upload

This a digital replica (with some traditional media collage) of a canvas piece I made a few months ago! Here is the original if you’re curious!¬†


Cardcaptor Miffy

sakura miffy upload copyThis week’s illustration is of Sakura from the manga series Cardcaptor Sakura in the style of children’s book character, Miffy! This idea came to be when I wanted to draw Sakura in a cute style and thought, “Wouldn’t it be adorable if I drew the protagonist like Miffy?” So I did.

Pokemon names as Brands: Delibird

This week’s design is another “What if Pokemon names were brands?”, this time based on the Pokemon Delibird! I wanted to create something that can be imagined on the side of a delivery van. The colours used in this design are also the dominant colours of the Pokemon Delibird. This design originally was going to be minimalist and using shapes to outline Delibird rather than just a silhouette. I wasn’t happy with where the design was going so I started from scratch and was much pleased with the final results!
This design is available to purchase on Redbubble!

delibird logo resize

My Hero

The illustration is of Ringabel from Bravely Default performing the song “My Hero” that gives his buddies an extra turn in battle. This idea started off as a sketch based of body-kun, a mannequin figure that allows for more poses than a regular wooden one. I thought it would make for a neat pose for the performer class in Bravely Default, so I drew my favorite character doing just that!

rinagbel performer resize

Willow the Moth Character Sheet

This started from a sketch I liked of Willow and was just going to be her looking happy. I then decided to play around with some expressions and ended up making a character sheet of the character. I also changed her design by making her eyes bigger, her body smaller and just looking more cuter! Her cheeks puff up when she’s angry and her antenna go straight also when shes shocked or surprised.

willow character sheet upload

Simplistic SU Blocks

These are characters from the animated series Steven Universe in the simplistic style of blocks, like what I did for the Adventure Time cast. I decided to make another version of because like Adventure Time, SU has a large cast of characters. They are all so varied and colourful as well so it would work well!

steven universe blocks resizws

You can purchase badges of the main cast on my etsy!

Or you can get this design on a mug, t-shirt, etc on Redbubble!

Chibi Lurantis

This is a digital illustration of one of my favorite Pokemon from the newest Pokemon game, Lurantis! Its a play on the orchid mantis where its a plant that looks like a bug, rather than a mantis that looks like some flowers. I also made a shiny form!

lurantis watermarkshiny lurantis watermark

Japanese Masks pattern

This is a sample of a pattern I made themed on Japanese masks. The fox-like mask is known as the Kitsune, the red horned mask is an Oni (Japanese ogre or demon), the lady like one is known as Noh, the one with the silly expression is known as Hyottoko and the red long nosed one is called the Tengu.

This design is available on Redbubble!

mask patern upload